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Illustrated in these photos are some of the many expensive cars, such as this new Volvo that the new occupants of the Presidio US Army Base's housing apparently own and drive.

Who are the new occupants and how did they gain occupancy in the Presidio? The Presidio was a former posh and desired military posting in San Francisco for the Sixth US Army, and it has immense economic relevance to the American taxpayer. Since the end of World War One, American taxpayers have borne the burden of the multi-billion dollar defense expenditures that include housing for officers and enlisted men and women on military bases around the US and the world.

According to ethical and competent retired military personnel, who lived on various military bases around the US, that housing did not have utility meters for water, gas and electricity.

Furthermore when David Fowler and electrical engineers and federal consultants worked on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, after the Navy had abandoned that base under the Base realignment Act, Fowler discovered the lack of any power and utility boxes on Treasure Island. Fowler, regarding the power sources for the Presidio, raised those same questions then but didn't receive any answers from either the military or San Francisco officials who took over the responsibility for the Island from the US Navy.

This question is still relevant: Since the new occupants don't power their appliances and heat with Honda portable generators, (a) How are these occupants obtaining their gas, electric and water? (b) If, as creditably suspected, these new occupants do have and use water, gas and electric, WHO IS PAYING FOR THESE UTILITIES? THE SAN FRANCISCO TAXPAYER, PROPERTY OWNER AND TENANTS?

Among the unpublicized facts about Nancy Pelosi was that she was an investor in a real estate investment entity called PRESIDIO PARTNERS, which was set up shortly after the Nixon Administration first closure of federal military bases around the US. Among the choicest real estate properties were (a) San Francisco's Presidio Fort, then the headquarters for the sixth US Army (b) Treasure Island and Yreba Buena Island, the US Navy's parcels in San Francisco Bay (c) The Hunter's Point Naval Base, then biggest US navy base between Seattle Washington Long Beach & San Diego California. (d) The Alameda Naval Air Station in Oakland California-that was closed nearly twenty years later. That was also the federal military posting of Steven R. Nary, where he served on the USS Carl Vinson cvn, an aircraft carrier.

The headquarters of the fifth US Army, Fort Sheridan on the posh shore of northern Cook County was among the other choice federal military base closures. That former military base became an upscale affordable housing project. It is unclear who received that posh military base housing.

In 1988, a US Army colonel, posted at the Pentagon alerted VERITAS USA'S publisher of an entity called Presidio Partners, that was apparently set up to position it's investors to take advantage of the land use opportunities offered by the closure of the Presidio. This officer named Nancy Pelosi as one of the investors in the "partners." When VERITAS USA contacted Nancy Pelosi's congressional office about this disclosure, she haughtily brushed the inquiry aside claiming, "she disclosed all of her investments according to the disclosure requirements."

But she didn't quote the requirements. When Jack Anderson's office contacted Pelosi, she also misled his inquiry concerning her investments in Presidio Partners. Jack Anderson was a respected national columnist, who trained under Drew Pearson; another famed ethical and competent true journalist and columnist.

Marguerite Warren, a retired civic activist and accountant was known as San Francisco's unofficial controller. Marguerite also raised questions about Presidio Partners and Pelosi's involvement in the disposal of federal military surplus land. Pelosi also stonewalled Marguerite.

Among the current controversial politicians and real estate operatives, who are involved in the Presidio are Mikhail Gorbachev and John Stewart.

(John Stewart)

The world knows who Gorbachev is, but most don't know what he has been and is involved in. That is slowly being uncovered.

But John Stewart is known as the longtime operator of one of the most controversial HUD funded housing management corporations in HUD's troubled financial history.

Stewart is also on the board of, or connected to Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae the scandal ridden and financially troubled finance agency. Despite these relationships, somehow, and in some mysterious way, Stewart became the leasing agent for the new occupants of the Presidio.

An investigation of Stewart's management practices and policies in his HUD related and funded real estate entities disclosed the following

  1. Abuse of wheel chair handicapped tenant(s), who tried to get needed repairs and wheel chair access to their toilets and bathrooms
  2. Poor maintenance of Stewart managed properties
  3. Involvement in the troubled Geneva Towers HUD funded high rise project, which was comparable to Chicago's Cabrini Green and St. Louis's Igoe Pruitt trouble HUD's funded affordable and public housing projects
  4. Charges of Rampant drugs and prostitution were also made by some tenants and critics of Stewart and other HUD funded management companies
  5. Questionable financial practices involving Stewart Management and the company's connection to HUD region nine corrupted administrators.
  6. Robert DeMonte, the controversial federal administrator of HUD region nine, was involved in the billion-dollar Heroin importation that the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency uncovered in 1991.

The FBI reportedly told DeMonte: "Resign or face prosecution." A Mr. Chang, another HUD official working for De Monte was also involved in the Billion Dollar Heroin bust.

Nancy Pelosi and other prominent names were also investors in the Hayward California warehouse, where the Heroin was discovered. But Pelosi's cries of ignorance were neither creditable nor convincing.

Janice Allen, a Former San Francisco Housing Commissioner, was also a one-time tenant in one of John Stewart's managed properties in San Francisco. Although she has repeated filed documented complaints about Stewart's management practices and conflicts of interest involving affordable housing and HUD, she has been ignored, apparently to cover up the corruption and the political connections.


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